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Fashion trends including activewear and gym wear tend to change with every season. Every 3 months or so, designers come out with new stuff that everyone is just eager to try. While these trends may be good and all, but what the audience really wants is something they can wear on an everyday basis. Comfy and casual is the new hot trend and this is where activewear comes in.

If you live in Australia, then you probably know how much the people really enjoy wearing sportswear on a regular basis. Women tend to really enjoy wearing comfy clothes, especially mums who spend most of their time chasing around their kids. Sportswear is something that is easy to put together, comfortable and you can do practically everything while wearing it. From running errands to enjoying coffee with friends; this attire can be worn anywhere and at any time!

Since activewear is such a huge trend, the demand for owning customized items grows. In order to meet that demand, Side Effects by Design was born. We are a business that designs and prints onto all types of clothes and accessories. This means that you can own customized gym bags, customized leggings, sports bras, jerseys and a whole lot more! We allow you to get as customized as you possibly can, so let your creativity run wild! Wear activewear that matches your personality and style; now this is something everyone wants.

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2017 Activewear and Gym Wear Trends

Since activewear and gym wear is so popular, it now has its own trends! Just like denim is a current hot trend and there are trends within it; the same is going on for activewear. Let’s see what the 2017 trends are:

Cut Out Tanks

Cut outs have literally been everywhere! From red carpet ready dresses to swimsuits; this trend is going huge. So, it was just a matter of time before they started showing up on treadmills and bikes. They are fashionable, but there is another benefit to this trend and that is breathability. Open-back tanks are something every activewear lover is going crazy over, so make sure you pick out a few of those on your next shopping trip. You can always get is customized with our help, so it’s a win win situation!

Tropical Prints

Plain leggings are boring; don’t you think? We are not saying that there is anything wrong with owning 6+ pairs of plain black leggings, but something a little print can be just so refreshing. Think tropical prints; something can palm trees or flowers. When wearing tropical leggings, make sure that your top doesn’t have too much going on because otherwise you will look like a hot mess.

Since we have already touched the topic of prints, why not discuss some more hot prints popular in activewear?

  • Tribal Weaves: Tribal prints are super cool and they can certainly make you look like you are ready to kill that workout.
  • Blurred: Leggings with a blurred like texture/look.
  • Denim: Leggings with denim like print on them; what an amazing trend!

Oversized Sweatshirts

What’s more comfortable than an oversized sweatshirt? It’s surely a workout classic and with its increasing popularity, brands have added some trendy updates. From softer fabric to cutout detailing and delicate embellishments, this trend is something you definitely need to try. And you know what the best part it? You can totally customize any oversized sweatshirt by getting a motivational quote printed on it.

Bralettes and Crop Tops

Over the past few years, sportswear brands have really kicked things up in the sports bra department. Many brands have managed to design something that is both comfortable and super supportive at the same time. For 2017, there’s going to be a new addition; they are finally going to be super cute too! Do you know what that means? You can now wear bralettes and crop tops that are super cute without having the need to sacrifice performance.

Bomber Jackets (Sweat-friendly, of course)

Silk bomber jackets are considered to be super trendy pieces that work really well with leggings. Just wear a bomber jacket with your favorite pair of leggings and you have the perfect streetstyle outfit ready!

Tips for Wearing the Sportswear Gym Wear Trend

Now that we have talked about the different 2017 activewear trends, let’s discuss a few tips for wearing it.

Follow a Theme

When it comes to sportswear, there are so many directions you can take. When putting together an outfit, make sure to have a theme. For example you can create that typical ‘jock’ athletic lock or that classic ‘I am heading to a workout after this’ look.

Keep It Street

If you are wearing activewear as normal day wear, then you want to put together an outfit that doesn’t make you look like you have just come out of the gym. It should be street appropriate; like a blush pink colored top paired with the comfiest pair of jogger pants in your closet.

Back to Basics

The easiest way to wear the gym wear trend is by going old school or taking it back to basics. A simple t-shirt with a drawstring trouser and some sneakers; what could be simpler than this outfit? Whenever you are having trouble putting the perfect activewear inspired outfit together, try this trick out as it will always be a life saver!

Show Off Some Skin

Sportswear can sometimes come off as a bit slouchy, so balance that out by showing a bit of skin. You obviously can’t mix sportswear and sexy together; that’s a big no-no. Nothing says sportier than a bit of toned body, right?

Go For Accessories

Accessories can really make a huge difference to your entire outfit. Don’t be afraid to add a few accessories to achieve that put together look. Things like a cool baseball cap, a head band, sunglasses or a chunky sports watch; all these accessories would be the perfect finishing touches to your sportswear look.

Minimal Makeup

A full face of makeup and sportswear doesn’t really go together. So, whenever you are wearing activewear, go for a natural makeup look. Add some blush to create that flushed look and maybe even a little bronzer for a sun-kissed affect.

We are in love with activewear, especially since they are so easily customizable!

Side Effects by Design is a local Australian business that is owner operated by a graphic designer. Hunter can print just about anything on to any garment you wish. Over the last year there has been a real surge in custom Gym Wear activewear and sportswear , whether its a one off design or a full sports team uniform, the crew at side effects by design can handle your order. Contact us today on 0402 534 439