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Side Effects by Design is a leading graphic design Lismore company and a major producer and distributor for custom t-shirts and uniforms around Australia. Side Effects by Design is best known for its ability to produce quality unique products and clothing whilst meeting their deadlines.

Graphic Design Lismore based Side Effects By Design Create custom t-shirts in the styles you wear every day. Our in-house graphic designer Hunter makes it easy to answer your questions about image files and alignment, to layering issues, clothes designs and fabric. Many Australian businesses and families have trusted Side Effect by Design for the production of their personalised uniforms, t-shirts and promotional materials for various types of events and functions. Contact us today and get your ideas into print.

Meet the team in Lismore

Hunter is the lead graphic designer for Side Effects by Design, a Lismore based custom print studio. Hunter is best known for his work as the graphic designer of clothing, logos and novelty gifts.

From the start up of Side Effects by Design in 2016, Hunter has been working non-stop using his graphic design talents to create custom shirt design, printing, business logos and novelty gifts to promote a unique product for businesses and customers alike.

One of Hunters key roles as the graphic designer for Side Effects by Design is designing products, that meet the customer needs. Hunter travels to his clients for face to face meetings, ensuring his customers know him personally and he gets exactly what his clients desire.

Hunter explains, “I design custom pieces for each project, which is a very important process in order for the client and myself to get a feeling for the future designed product, this can only be achieved through a meeting, not just through the normal phone mediation…

A Local Graphic Designer With Big Ideas

As a graphic design Lismore business, it is up to Hunter to design eye-catching clothing that spark the interest of customers and get locals excited about the release of the company’s upcoming clothing lines. One such custom hoodie line that Hunter has been hard at work designing, has gathered massive success across multiple social media platforms.

While there’s no question that Hunter has made impressive strides in the industry through his work as the lead graphic designer at Side Effects by Design, he admits he has so much more to achieve within the town his family calls home.

With a brilliant eye for design and the skills to make custom prints or designs on just about anything, it’s no wonder that Hunter has become one of the most sought after graphic designers in the Lismore area today.

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